Create Your Avatar

How do I create my 3D Avatar?


Once you register, you can create your own online avatar. Dress up in cool threads & pick a hairstyle in the colors of your choice – all for FREE.  The wardrobes will grow greatly over time. To create your avatar you need to enter Wonderland to register and download the free browser a small program that loads onto your computer in a few seconds.  Select your avatar and begin to customize your look.  That’s it your ready to enter a whole new way of surfing the web and socializing online with friends and family.  Don’t forget to check out How To Create Your Own Room page.


Once you have an avatar you can hang out with your friends in your private room. Share your personal 3D space with friends or meet up in theirs by joining a group or forming your own.

How does it work?
There are 3 ways to join a group:

  • Listed groups enable you to join an existing group from the website or in
    Wonderland. So you can tell your friends the name of your group and they can come & find you.
  • Random groups let you make new friends with people online in any 3D city on the network
  • Unlisted groups can be used when you want to keep your group exclusive -  accessible via invite only.