Create Your Room

Feed Your Head 3D has just launched My 3DRooms; the latest free 3D virtual social network experience which supports videos such as YouTube, Metacafe and DailyMotion.  It’s like having your own personal mulit-screen cinema.

Create a personal room with your favorite videos. For example;  if you’re a fan of a  particular band or comedian you can
do a search on YouTube and then convert the  results
into a 3D room at the touch of a button.  All the videos will
appear in your  room and you can invite your friends’
avatars to hang out, watch the videos together and chat.

It’s really easy to do, and you can find out how here: Register



To get you started thinking about what to put in your own free personal room, here are ten popular reasons to build:


  • Show off your collection of favourite websites to friends
  • Fill a 3-D ‘gallery’ with digital photos and post them online
  • Build a wish-list room with links to  items you would like to buy
  • Put all your news sources in one place for a daily update
  •  Populate a ‘hometown’ with family and friends’ homepages
  • Assign to each wall the websites of your stock portfolio
  • Create a ‘hall of greats’ for your sports or music heroes
  • Use a 3-D itinerary of websites to plan your next vacation or trip
  • Load-up web pages of the houses you’re thinking of buying
  • Make it more fun to browse the sites found in a web-ring



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