About Us

Who We Are
In 2007 the creators of the Feed Your Head 3D concept saw a gap for a 3D social network and online urban magazine
that fed the needs of a new breed of Internet user; users who are highly diverse but unified in their interest in urban culture.  With an aim to unify different urban subcultures and encourage cross cultural expression and freedom to delve into on another’s world, and armed with a unique 3D virtual avatar driven browser platform, Feed Your Head 3D was born.
Internet users are used to having a typical one dimension web experience.  Feed Your Head 3D offers an evolution in web browsing. Whether users want to display their images online, chat with friends and family, go shopping in the 700+ shops available or simply get the lowdown on all things urban.  Feed Your Head 3D can provide all these services and more. It takes the best elements that have made social media popular and elevates it to a new dimension, 3D!

FYH3D Magazine will keep you at the forefront of who and what is new in the Urban culture world of Fashion, Entertainment, News and who to watch out for in the future. In FYH3D, you hear the real voices of the people making it happen.