Three Browsers In One


‘3B’ is a 3D, avatar driven web browser for internet users that want a simple yet interactive and realistic experience

whilst browsing the web. ‘3B’ delivers unique, quality search results as you browse and socialise due to the capabilities

of ‘Web3D’, a new more natural and visual era of the World Wide Web.




The environment you are browsing: ‘Wonderland’.

The 3D environments within 3B are known as ‘Wonderland’, there are many 3B environments just as there are

many websites on the internet; they help to make your browsing a more realistic experience.



The social interaction of browsing: Social media;

Interact with friends as though they are there with 3B’s simplistic user interface and instant messenger. If it’s not

possible to meet in the physical space, you can still share experiences by choosing to lead or follow multiple users

in ‘wonderland’.



The method of browsing: Avatar driven Search engine.

You use an avatar in 3rd person to visually and realistically search the web as though you are on a high street.

This gives you the ability to discover new things that you are not likely to find on regular web browser.