Use 3D Browser

Is Feed Your Head 3D a web browser?


Yes, Feed Your Head 3D is a browser but it is also much more. You can browse the web inside Feed Your Head 3D, but you can also chat with people, and create your own online persona and personalized room. From a user’s perspective and those they choose to share with, it is a media-rich interactive entertainment experience.

For browsing, what is the benefit of Feed Your Head 3D?

For many people, Feed Your Head 3D provides a much richer, in-depth experience that adds to their online world.

Feed Your Head 3D is a different experience from a conventional browser.  One important aspect is the online window shopping experience with Feed Your Head 3D.  Often when shopping or browsing, people go through various stages, eg., a vacation:

  1. What sort of holiday shall we go on? (A very open question)
  2. Let’s go on a beach holiday, but which destination?  (A less open question)
  3. Let’s go to the Bahamas, but where shall we stay? (A much more closed question)

Feed Your Head 3D provides an interactive experience, which takes the user through each stage in a three dimensional environment, making the search process much more efficient and the decision much easier.

Browsing has become synonymous with search, however search is often the final step in the process, not the first. Feed Your Head 3D helps all three, but adds significant value to the first two.

Feed Your Head 3D has also been referred to as a visual search engine. Add to the visual component, a rich three-dimensional aspect and you can begin to imagine the possibilities and markets where Feed Your Head 3D could be integrated and incredibly compelling.