In a world where trend setting and personal identity plays a great part in our current generation, Urban culture is where people aged 13-34 unite. The unique attitude of urban culture provides its followers with a sense of affirmation, a sense of belonging and being ‘different’. This sense of being different can be seen in the Hip Hop scene where its followers dedicate their money and lives to wearing the latest sneakers, to the Punk scene where people are prepared to shave their heads into Mohawks and cover their bodies in tattoos, even if it means lowering your chances of getting a job. Urban culture is about making a statement in the way we act, speak, dress and live. It is a way of life. Big companies have and are continuously recognising the powerful influence that this market carries for businesses. Even the logo for the 2012 Olympics is influenced by Graffiti, which goes to show that it’s not just something that is in fashion at present, it’s actually a growing movement.

Visitors and users of FYH3D Magazine are nearly evenly split between both male and female. They have a passion for urban culture, news, the fashion and entertainment industry and the individuals who create it. They want to see the world from many different eyes, and to expand their minds and imaginations with articles that challenge and entertain. The FYH3D reader wants to know who and what is going to shape the ‘future face of fashion’.  To discover what goes on behind the scenes, the aims and ambitions of the people in the forefront of the industry; where they get their inspirations, and where they believe the movement of “urban culture” might lead.

The user wants to be inspired. They are the students with a dream & ambition; they are the business executives who are searching for that new talent, looking for something fresh to keep them up to date with the constant changing nature of the “urban” industry. They are the industry individuals searching for innovative talent with which to collaborate, and they are members of the public with a genuine love of fashion, culture and freedom of expression.

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