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Im lately struggling to keep my faith in Mankind though, only through my close friends do i have the strength to continue the ever going fight side by side with those who believe that resistance can make a difference (Viva la revolution). When im not writing or Illustrating im doing my number one love which is acting (see below for Film/Theater/TV).

Hmmm i guess im still waiting for a mass uprising or true revolution to start, shocked an confused to how many of my fellow man still seem to be under the spell of our poorly whitewashed governments, how can we sleep through the atrocities of the last 100yrs an sit fat an happy while the rest of the world supports our societies overweight asses an creature comforts on their weak malnourished shoulders. Im not an angry person just slowly losing hope of change. Apart from the politics my main interest is traveling to distant lands to escape the urban decay of my fair city of London….oh the soft squeltch of the shallow waters of tropical white sandy beaches.

My experience as a DJ of Drum and Bass has taken me to some interesting places in life i am apart of the units Motion Sickness and Overfiend an no doubt we’ll be coming to a town near you very soon, or if you ever fancy a brock out session of your own we are available for bookings check out brain Damage Radio for details or free downloads of my mixes, my style ranges from Tech Step to Hard Hard Hard Doomcore the faster the harder the darker, damn it i want a medic on the dance floor.

Movie/T.V/Theater i’ve done/doing:

Gangster Kitten (independent film with Ben Kingsley, out 2007),

Mutant Chronicles (Feature film with Ron Pullman,John Malkovich and Devon Aoki out 2008),

Bigger then Ben (Independent film out at Sundance and Cannes 2007),

Shadow in the North (BBC1 feature with Billy Pipper out Xmas day 2006),

Three Muskateers (Playing Aramis at the Bristol old vic main stage, Oct-Feb)

City Rats (Indepentent film with Danny Dyer out 2008)

Souvenirs (Featured Short, my first lead out 2009 )

The Shouting Men (Feature, with Dudley Sutton out 2010)

Material Girl (Worldwide release BBC 1 and Carnival films feat: Dirvla Quirwin and many more out 210)

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