Chat Roulette


Chat Roulette

So the other day a friend sent me a rather cryptic email explaining he had possibly found the strangest website in the world. With my intrigued aroused, I popped onto the site after being instructed to cover my web cam. Logging into the site was easy an it was pretty swift in getting me to a chat screen, but, what happened next definitely made me jump..

Staring back at me was a middle aged Korean man, he smiled, he greeted me with a wave and said hello.

With a start and fumbled motion I clicked to close the window even though with my blocked web cam he couldn’t see me, but still i was taken aback by this intrusion into my privacy. I emailed my friend back for a breakdown of what the site was about. Turns out its just what it sez on the can, your web cam goes into a lottery so to speak and you never know who’s gonna be on the other end of the line. If your not happy you click next, an you stumble onto another stranger.

Now don’t get me wrong at first I was taken back but after visiting it again i guess i got into a rhythm of clicking the next button. It did make me laugh at times and not everyone in the world is a bona fide mad man but in my humble opinion this website is dangerous.
I believe it to be dangerous for many reasons, but at the forefront is the lack of control, the amount of men masturbating on the other side or doing drugs was disturbing. The reality is there can be no real control on what you see, now imagine your child comes across this site and ends up talking to some rather unscrupulous character in bloody Russia or what not, what control is safe guarding the viewer from truly abusive behaviour?.

Now don’t get me wrong im not here to preach, in some respects i was interested and often laughed with others from round the world who didn’t mind dipping in and out of the this strange portal into your fellow man’s room, but how far are we going to go with Voyeuristic needs?, the society of the spectacle.. has it gone too far this time.

Musings of a fool perhaps.

You be the judge


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