DHSS Wham Rap !!


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DHSS Wham Rap !!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA – OK, OK had to get that out. Soooo -

DHSS !!!

Mixed views across the nation no doubt. Has the benefit state spewed out a generation of low achievers ( with no impetus to get out of the situation of unemployment) who work the system to ensure they have their lives paid for by the state, clumping together to pump out more of mumma’s little miracles to ensure they get a bigger house/healthcare packages/FREE MONEY and nothing but their own time to keep the bloodline of free loaders slipping an sliding down the conveyor belt of cultural regression.


Is DSS a fantastic way to safe guard those who have had a breakdown in whatever sense and need support, keeping the nation above the poverty line and integrating those between jobs into new spaces in which to express themselves in a different environment within the work space.

Either way you look at it I’m not touching it with a 40 foot barge, I’ll leave it to George Michael and the wonder group WHAM.

However you live, Enjoy what you do.



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