Final Fantasy 13

Final Fantasy 13

To be honest I’ve been eating my hands in anticipation of this little gem. The Final Fantasy saga has been raging for some 22 or so years now. The progression of combat systems and characters has always kept the fans coming back ( not to mention the graphics an killer love stories, cooooome on I’m a girl :). But no main character can ever quite compete with Cloud an Sethiroths fracas.

Here’s a little breakdown of the new story line:

The plot of Final Fantasy XIII takes place in a world known as Pulse and revolves around the story of the fal’Cie, mechanical beings with godlike power created from crystals residing inside them. People who are marked by the fal’Cie for greater purposes are called l’Cie, each l’Cie has a Focus, a goal the fal’Cie wants him or her to fulfill within a certain amount of time; however, the fal’Cie do not explicitly say what the goal is: l’Cie learn what their Focus is by interpreting visions that are given to them. L’Cie gain the ability to summon Eidolons (monsters who fight with the l’Cie), but this ability comes with a price: if a l’Cie dies before completing his or her Focus, fails to tame his or her Eidolon, or fails to complete his or her Focus within a set period of time, he or she becomes a monster known as a Cie’th.

If a l’Cie does complete his or her Focus, the reward is not much better: permanent transformation into a crystal. For this reason, being chosen as a l’Cie is seen as a curse.

Some 1,300 years ago, a fal’Cie named Orphan constructed a paradise for humanity: the shell-like city of Cocoon, which floats high above the surface of Pulse. Then Orphan created life forms and machines for Cocoon’s inhabitants to use, and humanity flourished. A war was fought between the Pulse and Cocoon, and Cocoon prevailed. However, fear lingered in the hearts of the people of Cocoon, for the day another invasion might come from the world beneath again.

Although most Cocoon citizens have never seen Pulse with their own eyes, they have been told that it is a dangerous place that has strange effects on those who venture down to its surface. Consequently, anyone who is discovered to have visited Pulse is immediately subjected to quarantine and exile by the theocratic government of Cocoon, known as the Sanctum.The Sanctum enforces this policy with its strongest military branch, PSICOM.

As Snow leads the resistance group, Team Nora, in an attempt to stop the purging of civilians, the mysterious lightning fights her way past PSICOM soldiers with the aid of Sazh to find a Pulse fal’Cie, Anima, who turned her sister, Serah (who is also Snow’s fiancée), into a l’Cie. Through a chain of events, these three, along with two exiles, Vanille and Hope, are forced by the fal’Cie of Pulse to become l’Cie, and with that became enemies of humanity with the Focus of bringing about the downfall of Orphan and Cocoon. By the end of the game Vanile and Fang both decide to sacrifice them self in hope to stop the main antagonists explosion after being defeated.

Our thoughts:

So whats my thoughts, well its moved away from the open ended activities of the past 13 games, you have to follow the script so to speak until after the 30hr mark. What i do really like is you can see your enemies, no more random encounters (usually popping up at the worst point possible).

There’s no more MP points the system is now run by the ATP bar which takes care of both the physical and magical attacks, making the transition smooth and quick paced during combat.

Now the big question on many peoples lips is, are there still summons. Answer. Yes. You can rain holy retribution from above, the freezing touch of Shiva or the firey wrath of Ifrit.. its all there and some more to wet your whistles.

This really is a force to be reckoned with and we at FYH absolutely love it.

Overall rating:



Games Guru x

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