Get Free


Get Free

Free your mind and the rest will follow

Came across this video awhile ago, every time I watch it it makes me smile. What I love most about this completely unbridled display of personal expression through dance is how infectious the need to move our bodies to a beat can be. The need to writhe to tribal rhythms goes back throughout history.

Sometimes it would seem we are so caught up in our own cool , an disgusted by public displays of affection, that we’ve forgotten how to let it go, to just let ourselves go. Now I don’t mean getting drunk and acting the fool, that’s easy. No, I mean the process of exploring ourselves, letting our minds and bodies freely interpret the space about us as it sees fit to a diving rhythm.

Lets go back to dancing backwards, lets go back to unbridled laughter and sweating to funk, can we all stop acting so damn cool and get free.


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