Headdresses are in fashion…

Headdresses are in fashion…

With London fashion week in full swing, a lot of the trends this season are a lot more contemporary than previous years… The best example of this is Topshop Unique’s antlers that were seen on the London fashion week catwalks. We didn’t think it would take long before the native look that us hippies have been rocking would start to wear off onto the mainstream. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen the mainstream fashion outlets slowly but surely turning more and more native. All of a sudden it’s ‘cool’ to look tribal. Could it be that urban chic is slowly but surely evolving fromcommercial hip hop honey style to something a bit more imaginative, meaningful and artistic…? And now the question is, when people were wearing bright colourful shades and neon 80s outfits only a year ago is this narnia earth mother native vibe being represented on the streets because Topshop told us so? As kroarohawks, we know that glorifying Gods creation like the native americans do with their costume is more than just a fashion statement…

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