Homeopathy under fire


Homeopathy under fire

So Homeopathy has once again come under the spotlight, the age old, does it actually work and is it just a return to the dark ages comes into public debate. As we speak the debate could cut out the entire budget for Homoeopathy in the NHS altogether.

Homeopathy has been infact funded by the NHS since 1948, its roots can be in essence traced back 200 years to the writings of Dr Samuel Hahnemann. His writings stem from the central concept ” Similia similibus curentur “, the Latin phrase meaning “let likes be cured by likes,” is the primary principle of homeopathy. A homeopath searches for a substance that produces in a healthy person those same symptoms a patient experiences.

Homeopathy medicine has always enjoyed a prestigious place in England. Homeopathy is used by many English celebrities and the royal family. Homeopathy care and treatments are covered by the NHS system. The total cost of homeopathy for the NHS is 5 million.

” Arguement and facts ” write:

” Homeopathy finds its greatest resistance in those countries that have strong pharmaceutical industries. On the contrary it is widely adapted in those countries with no allopathic pharmaceutical industries Such countries are India, Pakistan and most of the countries in S.America. The second reason is that good classical homoeopathy is very difficult in its learning ,in its mastering. It is the most difficult system of medicine that requires a lot of time, energy and dedication on the part of the doctor in order to master it. A good education in homoeopathy requires 5 to 7 years of studying. Homoeopathy takes care of the whole organism as an integral system and treats at the same time the mental the emotional and the physical disorders of the organism.
It is a medical system that sees the human beings not as machines that all need the same medicine for the same disease, but as an individual organism that needs individual attention in its therapeutic approach. ”

In contrary beliefs:

” It violates central tenets of biology, physics, and chemistry, including the laws of thermodynamics as they apply to physical chemistry, and the effect claimed has no mechanism of action in biology. Beyond that, when empirically tested with good experimental design it fails every time. ”

My personal opinion is based on the fact my family has used Homeopathy for generations, it certainly has in the place of many modern drugs been able to treat the aliments presented, its kept at bay illnesses that the Doctors themselves haven’t been able to treat affectively an without major long term side effects. The option for alternative medicines is down to the person. The reality is, looking at the state of the world at the moment maybe we just don’t know everything, maybe the drugs the pharmaceutical companies keep pumping out to keep us on a life long prescription arnt in our better interests but more the financial returns for those said companies.?

Here are some resources an petitions you all may be interested in:

Below is a draft letter/email that is being sent to Alliance Boots to support the sale of homeopathic remedies. Please could you all add your name and send it to the email adds supplied at the bottom. This is in response to an open letter being sent by the 10:23 campaign which is looking to discredit homeopathy. It is really important that we get our act together this time. Please send it on to anyone you know who is a supporter of homeopathy.


Dear Sir/Madam

A democratic society is based upon the premise of freedom of expression and equality. The UK is a so-called democratic society and seeks to allow it’s residents the freedom and choice they desire. One of the most fundamental choices we all make is with our healthcare. The UK allows it’s citizens the choice of whether to use the NHS or to seek alternative/private treatment.

An extremely popular and effective choice of treatment that approximately 10 million people in the UK choose is homeopathy. It is a treatment that has been proven for over 200 years to work in the treatment of disease and has also been found in RCTs to work more effectively than placebo. Unfortunately in the UK there is a movement to suppress people’s freedom of choice when it comes to healthcare. They claim themselves to be “sceptics” and they want to see the end of homeopathic medicine in the UK.

Not only is this “illiberal” (in the words of Health Minister Mike O’Brien) but it is also fundamentally flawed, as they believe homeopathic medicines to exert no effect. On the contrary homeopathy has been observed many times to have a therapeutic effect. Scientifically this phenomena is not completely understood yet however there are advances being made in this field.

Alliance Boots provide a great service to their customers in that they allow them the freedom of expression to choose the medicines they so wish. A customer shopping at a Boots store in the UK has the choice to purchase conventional pharmaceutical medicines or equally the choice to purchase homeopathic medicines. There are very few multi-national companies that allow their patients such wide choice, and Alliance Boots should be commended for that.

I am sure you are aware of a recent online letter produced by a group known as the 10:23 campaign. They are asking that Alliance Boots stop selling their homeopathic remedies on the premise that they do not work. On the basis of the argument above, I believe that Alliance Boots should continue to provide homeopathic remedies to their customers. Not only do they work, but they are in huge demand from the UK public and an open, democratic society should allow people freedom of choice, particularly as to their healthcare.

I hope you will consider this letter and I look forward to your reply.

Yours Faithfully


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4 Responses to “Homeopathy under fire”

  1. IsisPtolemy says:

    Homeopathy, if followed correctly, is the most effective medicine to treat illness, physically, mentally and emotionally.
    It is such a precise and gentle form of treament that sometimes it can take time to heal a person but it is well worth it. Unlike conventional medicines which may stop the symptoms of a problem more rapidly in some instances but may not cure the underlying cause. So many doctors throw pills at us for anything and we, like obedient dogs, lap up these poisons being spoon fed to us! Do your research and don’t just swallow the crap.

    Mother Nature is the greatest healer.

    Isis (*)

  2. Hi – It’s great to read such topical writing on the Web as I have been able to discover here. I agree with much of what is written here and I’ll be returning to this site again. Thanks again for publishing such great reading material!!

  3. Great article as usual, thanks for posting all this helpful content on a regular basis.

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