Mighty Boosh eat your face off, this show possibly could be described as the most bizarre trip I’ve ever been on visually. The darkest, perfectly executed scenes depicting some of the oddest humor conceivable.

Definitely an acquired taste, so discretion is advised.

Writer Chris Morris (Brass eye) decided on working with a collective of actors (Chris Morris, Mark Heap, Kevin Eldon, Amelia Bullmore, David Cann, Julia Davis) set out to push the boundaries of humor within the world of the macabre. The show was aired on channel four in 2000, it only survived one series as it was received poorly due to the nature of the show. The visual effects and absolutely stella acting help bring about the desired trippy experience. My hat comes off to the team, yes, they possibly did create the oddest collection of sketches ive seen, really reminded me of the atmosphere David Frith created in his ” Salad Fingers ” animation series. But they could have done with tempering the relentless somber tone, no matter how far you take your humor unless you bring relief in a laugh, the desired effect is lost.

But, give it ago. Those of you with a naughty laugh may seriously get hooked.


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