Never have the combination of illustration styles been so crossed to produce such a hallucinatory battle trip like Karas. Manga productions pushed the boat right out on this one trust me. Featuring brilliant character and set designs, stunning and unprecedented top-notch 2D/3D hybrid animation, breathtaking fight sequences, a thrilling musical score from the PRAGUE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

As per usual Tokyo is where our scene is set, a city populated by both humans and by ghostly beings. They exist in both dimensions, seen and unseen: spirits, apparitions, demons. The balance between these two dimensions has long been upheld by the city’s guardian raven Karas and his masters. But that balance has been thrown into disarray as Eko, a city magnate and former Karas, has attempted to seize power and bring order to the streets through force. The entity Yurine, who represents the will of the people, stands in his way with her newly risen Karas. Now an ageless battle stretching across both dimensions and killing humans and spirits alike is in progress between the two sides and their armies. Karas is humanity’s last hope.

With the firm support of Production house t by legendary studio Tatsunoko Productions (Speed Racer, Gatchaman) and featuring the voices of Jay Hernandez (Grindhouse, Hostel), Matthew Lillard (Scream, Scooby Doo) and Cree Summer (Drawn Together, Hellboy Blood & Iron), Karas is destined to be one of the most respected anime films ever.


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