Mind Game


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Mind Game

What can i say, 4*c the studio that brought us Tekkon kinkreet, the film that to date comes closes to summing up my personal feelings on what this life is, whats the meaning and what it is to face the demon inside us, The man in the mirror if you will.

Well they’ve done it again.

Mind Game directed and written by Masaaki Yuasaby is about the process of Letting Go, the idea that thoughts become things and that if we just believe in ourselves and the power that life imbues us with enough we can achieve our hearts desires. Beautifully animated and extremely bizarre, lets just say i was tripping balls on the possibilities in our life and personal freedom from the constraints of self.

Throw off the self imposed shackles of uniform thinking

Subtitled version available from all good torrents

See where your light may shine.


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