The 6 strangest prisons around the world


The 6 strangest prisons around the world

World’s Best-looking Prison: Leoben Justice Centre, Steiermark – Austria

Yes, it’s a prison, a five-star prison located in Steiermark, Austria. it was created by hohensinn architektur.
There are two inscriptions on the prison’s perimeter: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” which is taken from The United States Declaration of Independence, and “Each of the persons deprived of their liberty must be humanely and with respect for the inherent dignity of the human being treated.”

World’s Smallest Prison: Sark Prison, Sark – Guernsey

Sark Prison is located on the Island of Sark in Guernsey, was built in 1856 and is apparently the smallest in the world. it can house 2 prisoners at a push and is still used for overnight stays – if you continue to play up after that you’ll get shipped off to a proper grown-up jail with corridors and staff.

World’s Strangest Prison: San Pedro Prison, Bolivia

Convicts at san pedro in Bolivia have to pay rent for a cell and they all have jobs within the prison. A large number have partners and children staying with them and tourists/backpackers are allowed to enter the prison but must be accompanied by a tour guide (a prisoner) for “safety reasons”. Tourists can even stay the night in a cell for a small fee and a large number of them frequent the jail in order to buy cocaine from inmates as it’s apparently the purest and cheapest in Bolivia. It’s also been suggested that local police only enter the facility to collect bribes.

World’s Most Famous Prison: Alcatraz, San Fransisco Bay – California

Alcatraz Island, sometimes informally referred to as simply Alcatraz or locally as the Rock, is a small island located in the middle of San Francisco Bay in California, United States. It served as a lighthouse, then a military fortification, then a military prison followed by a federal prison until 1963. It became a national recreation area in 1972 and received landmarking designations in 1976 and 1986.
Today, the island is a historic site operated by the National Park Service as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and is open to tours. Visitors can reach the island by ferry ride from Pier 33, near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

World’s Most Overcrowded prison: Kresty Prison, St. Petersburg, Russia

Russias prisons have a reputation for being the most overcrowded on earth, especially kresty prison in st. petersburg.
Official capacity: 3,000
Actual population: always at least 10,000
Number of square metres per prisoner allocated by the russian government: 4
Amount of time permitted for each prisoner’s weekly shower: 15 minutes

World’s Most Valuable Prison: San Quentin State Prison, California

The land underneath 154 year old San Quentin state prison is estimated to be worth $80 to $100 million, instantly making it the most valuable prison in the world. it occupies 275 acres of oceanfront land overlooking the bay, some say the most valuable real estate in the whole country.

World’s Most Secure Prison: ADX Supermax, Florence, Colorado

This is the king of all prisons, and I mean the evil king. to be fair, it’s what a prison should be: harsh. even the name means business, supermax prisons being the securest in the world.
This ‘high-tech alcatraz’ was opened in 1994 and is home to only the most violent and dangerous criminals in the country. those pesky prisoners have absolutely no contact with each other at any time and spend 22 hours per day in solitary confinement (cell size 7ft x 8ft), leaving plenty of time to consider what to have as their last meal. A lot of convicts who enter adx, understandably, lose their mind pretty soon after entering and unless you own a sentence of 25 years or over you aint getting in.

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